God created each of us with religious, ethnic, familial, and gender identities. If we follow his design for these identities we will find satisfaction within his plan. Do you want to be healthy, productive, and experience spiritual peace? Most everyone does. By affirming the identities God gave each of us we can achieve lasting meaning. […]

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Call to Action

White Christian men and women, it’s time to fight for our future. Our enemies are many, but our God is strong, and he made us resourceful. The great Bible general Joshua said: “If God be for us, who can be against me.” Our enemies want third-world criminal invasion, homosexual propaganda in our schools, and the […]

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Become a Prophet

Our countries and lands are dying with sin. We need new prophets to arise. Identitarian Christians prophesy hard truths and call our people back to God. We enlighten the minds of those lost in Liberalism and caught in the lies convincing them they can’t accept, love, and affirm their white Christian identities as beautiful expressions […]

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The Example of Jesus

Jesus loved and affirmed his own ethnic identity. Our Lord lived his life among his people, and defined his earthly mission as specifically nurturing his own ethnic group (Matthew 10 & 15). Jesus did not seek to diversify his ministry or reach beyond the confines of his own people (his apostles were Jewish males). God […]

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Race is Family

The Bible speaks of ethnic groups as nations (“ethnos”), and describes them as descending from common ancestors. The Nation of Israel was a race of people who came from the loins of Jacob’s twelve sons. God created human beings to affirm, respect, and love our own families first. White Christians should love our white identity […]

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Identitarian Christianity is not “racist.” Racism is a modern idea created by Marxists (Leon Trotsky in particular) to attack the traditional structures of society including religious and ethnic identity. Identitarian Christians love our people and recognize that any labeling of this love as “racist” is merely petty insult and denigration of our beautiful organic ethnic […]

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Identitarian Christianity (Book)

ESSAYS TOWARD A POST-LIBERAL CHRISTIANITY I. About II. Christianity & Race III. Manifesto IV. Liberalism V. American Mythology VI. Rights & Obligations VII. Christian Cultural Marxism VIII. Deconstructing “Racism” IX. The Traitorous Church X. LGBT Marriage & Race XI. Black Theology and Marxism XII. Race is Not a Social Construct XIII. Race Differences in Intelligence […]

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